Suzanna first heard the story of the musk deer while on a Dru yoga teacher training module. It profoundly resonated with her and came to life through Suzanna’s yoga classes with children around Canberra.

Suzanna remembers sharing this endearing story on the first day of 2012 with dear friend/book designer/Dru colleague, Mouli MacKenzie. Mouli set her on track with structuring the book and the first steps to take Deer on his long journey.

Artist, friend and Dru yoga teacher, Yuti McLean, came on board to illustrate the book. These works of heart evolved slowly over the next few years in Yuti’s small studio in Byron Bay. Silhouettes were created by Suzanna's son Harry and friend Ayla from photos of Olivia and Duncan doing the postures, two stars from one of her kids yoga class.

In 2016 with illustrations and silhouettes of the yoga postures almost complete, Mouli created the book design and we moved into the publishing process. Editing was possible with support from many friends - thank you to Nada, Merry and Mary in particular.

In 2017, it’s with much delight that this moving story and powerful Dru yoga sequence is available to the world. The book has been born from love and friendship and encapsulates the essence of Dru Yoga, a yoga of the heart.

United in their vision with Dru, Deer-lightful is a resource "to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves". A percentage of each book sale is being donated to the World Peace Flame Education Pack in Australia to help aid this vision.

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