A yoga story…
awakening to our light within

A book by Suzanna Thell, illustrated by Yuti McLean.

About the book

Deer-lightful, the story of the musk deer, is a powerful modern day parable, revealing the secret of happiness for the young and young at heart.

We follow in the footsteps of Deer as he desperately searches for the enticing, irresistible scent that has captivated his heart. He wanders far and wide… yearning, grasping, wanting… desperately seeking that which will bring him ultimate happiness.

We too, often travel in life seeking those things outside of ourselves that we think will bring us sweet contentment. Deer’s journey is a reminder to us that we need to take time out to stop and be, to meditate in stillness and experience the depth of the fullness that lies within.

Deer-lightful is truly a moving story with the touching narrative enhanced by evocative illustrations and Dru Yoga’s powerful Energy Block Release sequence (EBR 1). This combination of story, art and yoga - moving body, heart and soul - has the potential to awaken all to the sweet divine essence that exists within each one of us.

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Additional Bonus

Guided relaxation

Deer-lightful concludes with a sample guided relaxation. In today’s busy world, giving children the space to stop, rest and be still, is something we need to take responsibility for as adults. In this space of stillness lies the potential to open doorways to special places within, to replenish and revitalise. This is indeed an added bonus!

The story behind Deer-lightful

Suzanna first heard the story of the musk deer while on a Dru yoga teacher training module. It profoundly resonated with her and came to life through Suzanna’s yoga classes with children around Canberra. On the first day of 2012 Suzanna shared this endearing story with friend, book designer and Dru colleague Mouli MacKenzie who set her on track with structuring the book and the first steps to take to help Deer start his long journey.